Fortune cookies

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Do you like fortune cookies? It seems that everyone likes them. We enjoy cracking open the cookie, and pulling out our very own prophesy. But who really likes the cookie part? Sure, we eat it, but only because it comes with the whole experience of the cookie. If a fortune cookie was un-bended and served sans fortune would anyone eat it? It has very little flavor and texture of itself, it just tastes like slightly sweetened crunchy cardboard. So, I challenge you: Next time you have a fortune cookie, have someone else break it, and take your fortune, and just eat the crispy cardboard yourself. Then you will know what I mean.

MMMMM.... Tainted Beef!

Oh crap, that was tainted beef after all!

The recent revelation that some beef manufacturer was using crappy tainted beef comes as no big surprise to most. People will eat anything between the halves of a toasted sesame seed bun, and the beef manufactures know it. The huge shock here is that my school is actually using REAL BEEF in their food. In the impromptu poll I held:

I think the scariest part of the whole letter is where they say they threw out the two opened boxes. I am no expert, but shouldn't they have checked the meat for MRSA or whatever? Whatever it has in it, I just hope it doesn't aggravate my senioritis.

Dumbledore Tastes the Rainbow

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J.K. Rowling's recent revelation that Dumbledore is gay has brought many questions to the minds of the world. The one that most people want answered is:

How many people dressed up as gay Dumbledore for Halloween?

Come on, Admit it. You know that's a killer Idea, and are really mad you didn't do it. If anyone did, I would love to see the pics.

There is a contest going on at to win an iPhone. Everyone who knows me knows that I would trade my soul for one of these slick electronic devices, so here goes. I found this cool website just yesterday, but I have already wasted many hours on it. It is packed full of everything this site lacks. That is:

  1. Interesting articles
  2. Content
  3. Substance

Okay, so I am being hard on myself, but it is all in the sake of an iPhone. Within the confines of this glorious section of the web lies more fun for every geek, hacker, and coder than a Star Wars convention. They know (or make up) everything about the interwebz, SEO, Linux, and making money online. Some of my favorite posts include Searching the dark web (sans google) and Mac vs. PC. Meh, check it out, see if you like it. I did.

Criss Angel Spoof

Custom Risk game board.

Criss attempts to escape from a box... BLINDFOLDED! Watch this spoof on YouTube

Email obfuscation with phonetic alphabets

I'm afraid this post will be terribly boring to 92% of the populous. Oh well it is important. I have devised a way of quickly and easily hiding your email address from bots, while retaining compatibility with screen readers. Read about email obfuscation using phonetic alphabets.

Custom Risk game Board

Custom Risk game board.

Custom Risk board. (right click > save as) I promised this to so many people, I might as well put it up here. This is a custom-created game board for risk. It was created in Corel Draw, and then exported to an .SVG [wikipedia]. It can be edited in the free SVG editor, Inkscape.

Harry Potter 7?

A very good fake Harry Potter 7 is making rounds on the interweb. With only a couple of days till the real book comes out, what is an obsessed fan to do? Glad you asked. I had my brother replace every instance of "wand" with "wang," with some interesting results.

Some of the better ones are (use your imagination):

"He became much braver as soon as Ron moved his wand away"

"So…then…they won’t do anything if I use my wand, either. Right?"

"Voldemort’s irritation showed as he tightly wrapped his emaciated fingers around his wand"

"'I’ll get it!' Harry shouted. He knew he could do this. He dove under the bed, grasping the wand in his fingers and rolling out on the other side. 'Ha! Told you I could get it.'"

BTW: If you want to read this piece of fanfic, you can do so at

Cowbell Hero

Cowbell Hero

Cowbell Hero Now you can play your favorite instrument over your favorite song (as long as your favorite instrument is the cowbell). What song couldn't use more cowbell?

The Games are UP

All of the good games are up. Try some out in the games section.

Killer Magic 6

Stake through foot illusion

Killer magic 6 I preform staked and introduce this super awesome website. If you missed the rest of the KM videos, you may view them on my YouTube Channel.

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What sound does a moose make?


What sound do moose make? I don't think I want to ask one.